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About Me

DORAYA is a Tal Aviv based fashion brand founded by Designer Doraya Avital Kancepolsky in 2015.

DORAYA offers unique handmade bags in a wide selection of shapes, from backpacks to clutches, all the while keeping each bag slightly different and one-of-a-kind.

The bags are created using materials such as leather, rubber and canvas with handmade embellishments made from various metals or special stitching embroidered onto the brands' unique bags. Alongside the bags, DORAYA offers Jewelry using the same techniques used to create the raw metal fragments embroidered on to the bags.

Doraya Avital Kancepolsky was born in Tel-Aviv and educated in Jerusalem at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. After graduating in 2011 she worked as a designer at various textile and jewelry brands, in 2012 she launched a jewelry brand named imprintDNO and in 2015 opened her own studio named DORAYA, which created bags, jewelry, light fixtures, decretive art and even interior design.

Doraya grew up on the beaches of Tel Aviv and spent most of her free time surfing, playing water sports and swimming competitively.  Nowadays she owns and operates a Swimming School with her family, and chose to live on a yacht at the Tel-Aviv marina to be close to her first love: The Sea.

Enjoy my shop - and feel free to contact me with any thing that comes to mind!